Tuesday, March 18, 2008

packed agenda, New York Angels

Well, I have accomplished my goal of packing my West Coast agenda virtually solid with meetings. I'll be talking to folks from six different firms (and one entrepreneur!) over three days - some informally, and some more formally. One of my clustermates helped me hook one of 'em up as well - thanks Aamir! I am looking forward to the trip and hopefully will get to send a couple of reports from the road.

Tonight after class I stuck around campus and saw David Rose, head of the NY Angels, give a speech about...giving speeches. Well, not literally. It was a speech about how startups should construct their investor pitch deck. Very informative stuff and it reminded me how most business presentations tend to be cluttered, boring, and generally awful! :) David did a great job and I took away quite a bit from his preso. Also bumped into a couple of the entrepreneurs I have been working with.

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