Monday, April 07, 2008

J-term rollin' 30 deep to Puerto Rico

Looks like we have over 30 people confirmed for the J-term Puerto Rico trip...nice!

Speaking of partying, Spring Fling was this weekend, although I was wiped out so I decided to stay at home. I know a ton of people went and everyone I spoke to said it was a great time (since when was a CBS party _not_ a good time?) If you have any friends at CBS who are on Facebook, you can look at the 10 million pictures of the event that were posted in the last 2 days :)

Today I went into a large financial services firm to talk enterprise software. They had one guy from the VC group there as well as a couple of public side equity analysts. The VC group isn't hiring as of now, but I will keep in touch with them and maybe something will turn up!

Tonight the guys who teach our VC class are hosting a happy hour for the class in the West Village. I guess this is my chance to make up for skipping Spring Fling ;)

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