Wednesday, April 23, 2008

one down, four still alive

Was down in the Washington DC area yesterday interviewing with an early stage VC firm. I think it went OK but you never know. Actually, I should know more by early next week on this one. One of the guys I interviewed with introduced me to the 99/1 rule (as opposed to 80/20) - his theory on venture is that 1% of the people generate 99% of the returns. And you know, he is probably right. It also puts a huge spotlight on why these jobs are so tough to get. These guys get a ton of resumes and need to find that 1% guy that is going to help them build a great firm (with great returns).

Also got a 'ding' from one of the west coast firms I had been speaking with. They just hired another guy and so they no longer have an immediate need. They said they may start looking again in a few months but this may have just been a nice way of letting me down easy. In any case, it was good to get the call so I know where I stand. Gotta keep on truckin...

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