Sunday, April 20, 2008

We won the SBCP competition!

Well, the votes are in and our team took 1st place in the Small Business Consulting Program's (SBCP) yearly competition! Myself and three other J-termers worked with a great company called McClure's Pickles and delivered a project that we (and the McKinsey folks who judged the competition) felt was very helpful for the client and alot of fun to boot. My team gets to split a cool $2500 in 1st place prize money, and the runners up will also get $1500 to split amongst their team. Not bad eh?

There were three finalists (including us) - the other two teams were representing a custom shirt company and a natural dogfood company. We all gave ~15 minute presentations and then fielded questions from the judges.

I was really flattered that our team won, especially since the other finalists were also very strong. It was also awesome to see how our team had really jelled over the year and came through in the clutch. As I have mentioned before, the SBCP program was one of my best experiences at CBS (even before winning 1st prize!)

After the competition and the judging, McKinsey took us down to Dos Caminos for a nice dinner and drinks. The event was a well attended and I know the folks who are hoping to work in consulting next year appreciated the personal time with the McKinsey folks, which included the judges, the CBS recruiting lead (a partner out of the NJ office), and a couple of recruiters.

The other nice thing related to the competition was a bunch of my clustermates emailing to congratulate me about our win. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise given how great my cluster is, but it was still nice.

OK, I'm going to stop now, since I'm getting mushy.... :)

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