Thursday, May 01, 2008

comment away, I'm listening again

Blogger sends me notifications when people comment on the blog - except that my old email address was busted so I didn't see any of the recent comments until tonight! The situation is fixed now so I should be on top of any comments that come in. Thanks for your patience - I didn't forget about y'all :)

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Nick Osinski said...

Hi there.

I didn't see another way by which to contact you so I hope that you don't mind me posting in your comments.

We love your blog! I'm contacting you on behalf of the MBA Association ( We're in the process of launching our new website and we've included your blog as one of our content sources. We've included your blog in our directory as well as included a link to your blog in each of the posts that we sourced.

Of course, if you would prefer that we remove your blog from our site, then please just let me know and we will cease immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you,