Saturday, May 03, 2008

Best apartment listing ever

I was just poking around on some Boston rental real estate websites (since we currently have no clue which city we'll be in for the next year) and died laughing when I saw this picture in a apartment posting.  You would think they would have cleaned the apartment before taking the picture...and perhaps removed the cat that is sitting on the couch? :)


Anonymous said...

Johnny, did you get any financial aid/scholorship during your mba?

How much money did your mba eventually cost?

John said...

I took out private loans and used money I had saved from working.

The school website has a good summary (somewhere) regarding total tuition, fees, and living expenses.

You also probably want to think about the opportunity cost (i.e. the amount of salary that you will forgo while in school).

Rahul said...

I have a good paying job and I am sure you had too before MBA. Did you qualify for Stafford subsidized loans? I am worried that because of my present salary I may not qualify for Stafford loans.

School doesn't give any scholarship/fellowship (not even a few thousand)?

I checked the school website and according to that total cost is around 140k. Is that right or there are some additional expenses?

Thanks a lot,

John said...

Sorry - yes, I did get some unsubsidized Stafford loans although the bulk of the debt was private loans.

The school has scholarships and fellowships, which I think you are automatically considered for (I think it was a checkbox on the app to say that you wanted to be considered for them).

$140k sounds reasonable but your mileage may vary depending on your tastes, how much you travel, etc.

Rahul said...

Thanks mate.

Also I heard that Columbia is reducing the class size this year(from ~180 to ~120 students) for J-term. Is that true?


John said...

Don't know if it is true. That was the rumor for J-term 2009 as well, and it did not come to be (still had 3 clusters).