Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Never too late for career services

I went up to school today to speak w/Regina Resnick, who is the head of career services at CBS. I wanted to talk to her about how my job hunt was going and also get her opinion on how I was going about things. While I was at school, I also hit the Career Resource Center and took a look at some of the 3rd party compensation surveys they keep on file. Very useful stuff.

On my way into Uris I bumped into one of my classmates who is starting a luxury mobile phone company. He was coming to campus for a business meeting with a potential partner. I also saw a couple of guys from my cluster, one who was heading back to his home in Morocco at some point today. Once my kids get a little older we'll have to pay him a visit! :)

After spending an hour or so at Uris I had lunch w/a former colleague of mine who finished the HBS MBA program a year ago. I was curious as to how the other side lives so I asked him about his HBS classmates and how they were liking the jobs they took post-MBA.

Turns out that there are a bunch of folks (mostly folks who went the consulting/banking route) who ended up leaving their jobs within a year and going to do something else. I thought that was interesting.

The friend in question definitely took his own path and started a company post-MBA, which I am (not surprisingly) very psyched about. I wonder how it will be for my class?

I guess with the economy a bit iffy, I would anticipate some more people gutting it out at jobs they might not be happy with, but I dunno...

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